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marc ash
editor and publisher

Marc Ash is a former fashion photographer, graphic designer, and advertising campaign coordinator. A volunteer for the 2000 Al Gore presidential campaign, Marc was one of the people alarmed by the way events that decided that election played out. It was a rejection of what occurred in 2000 and a determination that the American political process was in serious trouble that motivated Marc and co-founder Scott Galindez to launch Truthout. Reader Supported News is the continuation of that work, now more vital than ever.

angela watters
managing editor

As Managing Editor at RSN, Angela Watters leads a team of serious and thoughtful editors and writers, who endeavor to bring the best in news and opinion to our readers’ desktops. She received her BFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and her MFA from Columbia College Chicago. She currently serves on her town’s board of education, where she advocates on behalf of children and for family and community engagement. Founder and Publisher Marc Ash created a project in RSN that has withstood the machinations of Google and Facebook and that is not subject to the whims of capricious millionaires and billionaires. RSN is here today because of you, dearest readers, and we will remain here because of you.

jessica allee
contributing editor

Jessica Allee has been involved in actions ranging from Palestinian right of return, anti-fracking, and community self-reliance. She enjoys living in the Midwest in an area not far from the historic Mississippian indigenous city called Cahokia. Her education and practice in architecture along with art history inform her critical perspectives on the built environment and the intersection of politics and art. Over the six years she has been an editor at RSN, Jessica has striven to ensure that news is funded by its readers rather than corporations and special interests.

andrew stefan
contributing editor
reporter and

Andrew Stefan is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and the University of Wisconsin. His work focuses on U.S. social movements, immigration, and Latin American politics. As a Washington D.C.-based contributor and editor at Reader Supported News, Andrew takes pride in creating and promoting progressive media that is reader-funded, independent, and free of corporate influence.


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