Investigating the 1-6-21 Insurrection: What are the Republicans Afraid of?

Dr. Steven Jonas Steven Jonas
Investigating the 1-6-21 Insurrection: What are the Republicans Afraid of?
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When I last wrote on this subject there was talk of establishing a bi-partisan commission along the lines of the Bi-Partisan 9/11 Commission, to investigate the events at the Capitol of 1-6-21(otherwise known by some as "The Trumpsurrection2021©"; as late as 6-2-21 Mitch McConnell himself was referring to it as an "insurrection"). The House put forward legislation to so create such a commission, and then ensued lengthy negotiations on its composition and purview between Rep. Bennie Thompson for the Democrats and Rep. John Katko for the Republicans. They eventually did come to an agreement with, what we are told, were many concessions on all aspects of it being made by the Democrats. The document was passed into legislation by the House, 252-175 with, obviously, some Republicans voting for it. As is well-known, even though it had attracted a solid majority including some Republicans in that House, and had a majority in the Senate as well, i t was rejected through the use of that well-known legacy of racism, the filibuster.
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