Buzz-Bombs and Silent Bombs

John Escher / RSN Godot
Buzz-Bombs and Silent Bombs

Surely the present terrorizing of people with drones is one of America's inexcusable (or "forever war") acts.

This subject along with obvious others is meagerly publicized since second rate reporters and politicians always distort to make the US look good-- the American PR sin so instrumental at inhibiting change.

The first drones occurred over London-- drones or BUZZ-bombs in which the sputtering noise as fuel ran out made anyone on the ground question whether the thing would explode here or there or on top of one's head.

Which was more terrifying-- the drone or the silence? Next generation V-2 rockets were more like a striking snake that doesn't rattle first. Forever war drones must similarly adminster silent terror, raising the other question of why we have to be as bad as the Germans who sent those weapons across the Channel to England in the first place?

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