Ukraine Has Developed Routes for Grain Export, Says Foreign Ministry

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Ukraine Has Developed Routes for Grain Export, Says Foreign Ministry Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Dmytro Senik. (photo: Caroline Chia/Reuters)

Ukraine has established two routes through Poland and Romania to export grain and avert a global food crisis, Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Dmytro Senik said in a comment to news agency Reuters on June 12.

Kyiv is negotiating with the Baltic countries on the creation of a third route for exports, added Senik. However, the Deputy Foreign Minister did not specify how much grain had been transported so far or how much will be transported in the future.

"Those routes are not perfect because it creates certain bottlenecks, but we are doing our best to develop those routes in the meantime,” Senik clarified.

Global food security is now under threat, he said, as Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has halted Ukrainian grain exports across the Black Sea. This is leading to widespread shortages and skyrocketing food prices, especially in the Global South, where many countries rely on Ukrainian wheat.

Ukraine is the fourth largest exporter of grain in the world. At the moment there is about 30 million tons of grain stored in Ukraine, which the government is attempting to export via road, river, and rail transport.

Russia is deliberately preventing sea-based exports by blocking Ukrainian ports and sea routes in the Black Sea, as well as launching missile attacks on grain elevators and rail infrastructure.

The Kremlin seeks to provoke famine in African countries, which will lead to a wave of migration to Europe, forcing EU countries to contend with more waves of migrants. Kremlin officials gave demanded that the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation for the war in Ukraine be lifted in exchange for the unblocking of Ukrainian ports. Some countries, such as the United States, have categorically refused this demand.

At the same time, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has mockingly claimed that there are “no problems with the export of grain from Ukraine”, and that it can be exported in five different ways. He also said that Russia, for its part, is ready to ensure the "safe" export of grain through the ports controlled by him. He said that Western statements about Russia blocking grain exports to be a “bluff”.

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