RSN: Updates to the New Website

Marc Ash / Reader Supported News
RSN: Updates to the New Website An update on our new website. (image: RSN)

Overall, the design of the new website seems to be going over pretty well. People like the look and feel.

The two areas of concern have been the lack of a traditional black text on white background option and a comments section that is easier to use.

Black on White Print Pages Are Live

You can now click the / print version / link on the article pages, and that will bring up the traditional black text on white background presentation of the article, which some of our readers prefer.

Kontxt Comments Are Now Easier to Use

The Kontxt commenting system is evolving in response to feedback we have been receiving from the readers. As long as you are logged in, you can now just type your comment in the comment box, hit enter and it will go live. Remember, with Kontxt you can do a lot more if you highlight a snippet of text and used the powerful tools Kontxt gives you.

More updates and modifications are on the way. We will keep you updated! As always, your feedback absolutely matters. We are listening and improving based on what we hear.

To provide feedback go to:


A NOTE OF CAUTION: Our commenting forum is open to all and we hope it gives you an opportunity to express yourself. Be aware that we do not do background checks on our commenters. The comments appearing here could be posted by anyone, anywhere, with any agenda or motivation. We are aware that some posters seek to be influencers. We are also aware that some information posted in our comments sections is clearly false. Be aware and be cautious when considering random public statements. — The RSN Team.

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