Netanyahu, Hamas and Everyone Caught In Between

Marc Ash / Reader Supported News
Netanyahu, Hamas and Everyone Caught In Between Portrait of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (photo: AP)

If bad policies produce such bad outcomes why are good policies so rare?

The vast majorities of Israelis and Palestinians alike could manage to litigate their grievances without resorting to lethal means. They might not agree but they could find solutions that did not resort to barbarism.

How do we come to this place, again? Standing in the shadows behind the vast majorities of Israelis and Palestinians are the cynical and violent minorities of ideological fanatics that see purpose in conflict and perhaps more importantly, defeat in moderate accord. These are the extremists, the killers of people and peace.

Much has been written and said about the events of October 7th 2023, however almost no attention is paid to the day before, October 6th. The day before the October 7th massacre was a perfectly good day in the Holy Land. Israelis were not being murdered, Palestinians were not being bombed and everyone had enough to eat. How did that end?

The relative peace was shattered by the latest act of extremist violence in the region on October 7th. Catapulting the peaceful majorities unavoidably into conflict and chaos. Yes the extremists can prevail if allowed to do so. The challenge for the West and all those calling for peace in the Holy Land is to rein in the extremists and their violent methods.

This would absolutely include violent right-wing Israeli elements that routinely and violently impose their will over Arabic-Palestinian residents. The key is to reject violent extremism on both sides of the conflict.

The West must become more directly engaged. It’s not enough to stand back at a safe distance and make strongly worded statements. In Gaza terrorists must be defeated, civilians must be fed and housed and order must be restored. The West will not get the result it seeks neatly wrapped and delivered. It must build the outcome it desires through direct action.

Ending the Benjamin Netanyahu era is essential to achieving peace and progress in the region. Long a thorn in the side of the of Western leaders Netanyahu continues to bedevil US President Joe Biden and complicate an already explosive situation. Biden must call for the Israeli parliament to form a new government. As long as Netanyahu remains in power the region will remain in turmoil.

A two state solution has long been the aspiration of American and European leaders. There is a perception that if a two state solution is achieved peace will follow. But what the West is not learning is that a two state solution is more likely to follow an establishment of peace. Make peace, and a two state solution will follow.

Progress in the Holy Land begins with reining in the extremists, ending the Netanyahu era, and achieving a lasting peace.

Step one: Confront the extremists, on both sides.

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