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Marc Ash / Reader Supported News
Focus on Iran 30 October 2019: Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei attends a military academy graduation in Tehran. (photo: Anadolu Agency/Iran)

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Hamas and the hostages they have taken are in Gaza but the problem may well lie in Iran. Hamas like Hezbollah is an Iranian proxy. Funded, trained and armed by Iran they must be viewed as surrogate Iranian forces and it must be assumed that Iran has the capacity to influence their decision making.

The war we now see raging is a war of Iran’s making. Iran must be held accountable. US and Israeli forces can battle it out with Iranian stand-ins or hold Iran directly responsible.

This of course puts the Joe Biden-Jake Sullivan doctrine of non-confrontation squarely on the table. To be able to prosecute Iran or compel an accord Iran must be convinced that American forces are actually prepared to act with force. If Iran does not believe the US is capable and most importantly willing to act the war will continue but it will continue in Gaza. The only out of the meat grinder in Gaza is through Tehran.

It would be great if Iran could be convinced to put a stop to this madness through diplomatic channels. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has done an excellent job of making progress during the course of this crisis, but ultimately if Iran does not believe the US represents a direct threat they are not likely to sue for peace.

With the right agreement what is shaping up to be a bloody, dangerous and potentially explosive confrontation in the middle east could be defused. The key is convincing Iran that it is in their best interest to intercede. Right now there is a presumption by Iran that they are insulated from the conflict. But if the situation becomes dynamic it is hard to imagine Iran’s security not being threatened.

Iran is heavily involved in the current crisis but not engaged in the solution. Time to hold Iran to account.

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