Trump "Would Love" RFK Jr. At Debates

Kelly McClure / Salon

Speaking to Sean Hannity, Trump brought Kennedy into the convo just long enough to slap him down

During Donald Trump's up, down and all over town Fox News conversation with Sean Hannity at the start of the weekend, the topic of his upcoming debate with President Joe Biden came up, which he used to verbally pet Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. with one hand while slapping him with the other.

Going into what's preventing RFK Jr. from participating — falling short of the necessary polling criteria — Trump said, "I’d love to have Kennedy in the debate, too. I think it’s important to have him. The problem is, his poll numbers are terrible.”

In response to Hannity's question as to whether or not there should be "a threshold for him," Trump walked further down the path, offering, "Yeah, sure. It should be, probably I think they have it at like 20 or 25 percent or something. But his numbers are lousy and they seem to be getting worse. But I don’t mind having him in the debate. I think it would be good.”

Kennedy made further steps in his trudge towards the ballot box as an independent candidate this week, fighting for eligibility in the state of Nevada. After filing a lawsuit to the Nevada Secretary of State's office last week to secure a position for himself on the state ballot, he submitted a new petition, with less than a month left to collect signatures, according to CBS News.