Circle-the-Wagons and Support India Walton

Michael Moore / Michael Moore's Facebook Page


In June of this year, India Walton shocked the political world by defeating the four-term incumbent mayor of Buffalo, Byron Brown, in the Democratic primary, setting the table for her to become the favorite to win the Mayoral race in November because it’s a heavily Democratic city.

She would be the first democratic socialist to be elected mayor of a major American city in more than half a century, and the first woman — and first Black woman — to lead New York’s second-largest city. India Walton is a registered nurse, a union member and organizer, a community activist, a single mother of 4 boys — and come November, we’ll start addressing her as “Mayor.”

Of course, the corporate Democratic establishment only knows how to fight like hell when they are punching left - so India is now facing a barrage of attacks, personal threats, and a write-in campaign from the man she already defeated in the Democratic primary. And it is being funded and supported by some Republicans and Trump-aligned figures.

The general election is next month, on November 2nd. We must all circle-the-wagons and support India Walton in any way that we can. You can also help by listening to her story in this week’s episode of Rumble with Michael Moore and sharing it with others.

Just listen to India Walton’s conversation with me and hear how it’s done.


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